When Should I Re-vamp my Website?

Founder Mike Panessa

When should I re-Vamp my website?

Maybe it was a client who mentioned something about your site that needs some work or competitors are offering a better experience for their visitors, maybe you have a suspicion that your one racehorse of a website is just not delivering like it used to. It may just be time for a website overhaul.

The Good News

You've got content, well at least some. This means your not starting from scratch. Your site also has a history that can be learned from, it's always easier to plot  a course when you have a Point A and Point B.

A Few Things To Consider

How long has it been since your site has had any significant work done to it? If the answer is "I can't remember" or "I don't have my password to get into it" or "my webmaster disappeared", It's Time!  Everything changes right? The Internet and it's technologies are no different. A site built 5 to 10 years ago was most likely developed according to standards and technologies of the time. Programming standards have changed dramatically over the last 5 years and are undergoing yet another metamorphosis with the acceptance of HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0. What are these? Simply put, they are mark-up language used to make your website viewable in browsers and style rules that help browsers quickly determine what it looks like.

Another important thing to consider is the way in which the web has changed into a more dynamic communication vehicle thru the use of Web 2.0 .

What In The **#$!!! is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is an approach to delivering content and visitor experience that focuses on interactivity. Examples would be a site that has click-able Face book icons embedded within it, allowing a visitor to quickly establish a relationship with that site or organization thru their face book account. Web 2.0 is about relationships, providing useful content and creating a on-going two way communication with your target audience. Gone are the days of a static page, sitting there, being seen , maybe forgotten, maybe lost in a bookmark jungle. Enter the dynamic site. Easy access to new information, easy access to principles within a organization, simplified access to updating your own content on a regular basis. In essence delivering a more complete experience to your visitor and bridging the gap between unknown visitor and involved visitor.

Questions To Ask Yourself?

Am I able to update my content easily within an hour of needing to? Do I have to call webmaster to make simple changes? Does my site get the traffic it once did? Does anyone even mention your website? Am I communicating on a regular basis with my visitors? If so in what context? Are your competitors sites leaving you in the dust? Are their errors on your pages that you've just accepted? Are you showing up in search engines? Does your site look acceptable in larger computer screens?

The answers to these questions should provide you with a reasonable assessment of your current situation. With that assessment you can begin to formulate a vision for what you'd like to achieve on the next go-around. Lastly, consult a professional to help you to further develop your vision and better meet the goals of your organization.

Best wishes to you on the worthwhile journey that is a site re-vamp.